About Us

Welcome to EyePrompt, your first stop for iPad tablet teleprompters, our team has over 40 years of experience working in the teleprompting industry. This gives us the ability to offer excellent customer service and the very best products at a very competitive price.
Our design team is lead by Mark Shoesmith, who has been designing and manufacturing teleprompters for more than thirty-five years. His teleprompter designs are being used by just about every major broadcaster all over the world.

The EyePrompt DSLR Teleprompter range is our exciting new product range that has lots of unique features that makes it easy to set up and use.
Alongside our range of accessories, EyePrompt will help you build a studio that will give your video productions a great look.

We design with reliability and usability in mind, our prompters can be set up in moments so you can focus on production. See for yourself.

Our teleprompters are precision engineered and fulfil all traditional teleprompting needs while providing the innovations needed for modern content creators including YouTubers, vloggers and the like.

With modern technology, producing great content no longer requires a huge budget and expensive studios. EyePrompt is affordable, reliable and adaptable with our sights set on the future.

Feel free to get in touch: contact@eyeprompt.com
Twitter: @Eyeprompt
Facebook: Facebook.com/eyeprompt

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